Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mini Haul

Hello Babybats,

Got another haul for you...It's small but oh so cool^^

All Wet n' Wild

717 Berry Red (Perfect Cherry Red color)
664c Fab Fuchsia (Fuchsia shade)
666 Brandy Wine (Shimmery Copper wine color)...(for some odd reason this lipliner reminds me of that one Viva La Bam episode when they to Deleware lol)
715 Plumberry (Wicked Plum/Brownish shade)
712 Willow (Awsome Taupe shade)
Wet n Wild 512A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl (Pretty Fuchsia pink shade w/ Blue Pearl duo chrome)
L'Oreal Rouge Virtuale in Plumage (Beautiful plem shade w/ Emerald shimmer)
L'Oreal Rouge Virtuale in Brocade (Beautiful Gold color)

Maybelline: Expert Wear Eyeshadow in Lux Lilac (AMAZING)

Almay: One Coat Dial Up in Black (Pretty good..Really Black :D

Kisses & Cyanide
Kittie Korpse
What's your favorite Mascara?


  1. Hi Dark...,

    I found you looking through Cooking Chinchilla's follower list.

    Nice blog so far. I'll be reading to see what else you have to say.

    Hugs, Euphoria

  2. Lady Euphoria,
    Kiitos for the nice words and the time you took to view my entries :)

    Kisses & Cyanide
    Kittie Korpse <3