Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mini Haul

Hello babybats,

I just got back from the store.And you'll never believe what I got.I was just going to go pick up some new Black Eyeshadow.And I saw that Wet N' Wild had come out with some brand new palettes.And I fell in love with some of them.Please note I just got them and I don't know how good they are but I just love the color schemes. I purchased "spoiled Brat" and "Silent Treatment".So far thy are both really pretty.

Spoiled Brat has a very pretty Pink/Fushia,a breathtaking Black w/ Silver Sparkles,and a Shimmering Silver.This is definitely a palette I would rock at school.

Silent Treatment has a GORGEOUS Dusty Taupe,a nice Dark Brown w/ Gold Sparkles,and a pretty Peachy Seashell color.This is good for a Work look or a nice formal makeup.(I only ever wear nudes and neutrals for very formal events or for Work.)

I also Bought from WNW a Nail polish form their "Craze" collection.I bought it in Morbid,It's a nice Deep Green with Shimmer.Very pretty.

And I bought some N.Y.C products.I normally dont buy from their but that had a sale.I picked up a green concealer for my "Strawberry Face".(I don't know if any really pale people have this problem but I do).And a very pretty Nail polish in Starry Silver Glitter.I think it's best for a top coat,It's clear with silver Micro Glitter w/ rainbow glitter and big chunks of blue holographic glitter.but it's Stunning.And finally I bought a Red Lipstick in Retro Red.

It's a very pretty Blue based Red,(I heard that Blue based lipsticks make your teeth appear whiter).

Well I hoped you enjoyed my haul:)

Kisses & Cyanide
Kittie Korpse

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